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Gali Group: Air and hydraulic starting system

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Innovation & Technology

The GALí group has made over the years a major investment in infrastructure to better manage production and continue to grow as a company. We are constantly implementing improvements in production processes and investing in new and better manufacturing machinery. Furthermore, GALí is proud to actively participate in the International Standardization Committees representing our country.

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Jobs & Career

The GALI group gives you the opportunity to represent a consolidated market company with opportunity to grow and develop your professional skills. It is an international company with a close contact treatment and working for leading companies in their sectors. It offers the opportunity to travel abroad and gain experience by visiting different companies and countries.

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Training ATEX

The market of flameproof protection for industrial vehicles requires a good knowledge of the directives and regulations that apply inside and outside the European Union. GALI offer customized training courses for after sales teams, end users and commercials.

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Sales Network

GALI is a Spanish company focused to worldwide markets as shown with our companies in Germany, Italy, France and China. Also we count with a net of agents, authorized workshops and collaborators worldwide.

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