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Innovation & Technology

The GALí group has made over the years a major investment in infrastructure to better manage production and continue to grow as a company. We have reformed our facilities and workshops and relocated our offices to new headquarters, more modern and larger, in order to improve our work capacity.

We are constantly implementing improvements in production processes and investing in new and better manufacturing machinery. Similarly, we invested in our workbenches to ensure our clients an efficient product.

In our offices, we invested in new software to be at the forefront of technology and hence to improve performance and generate energy savings.

Furthermore, GALí is proud to actively participate in the International Standardization Committees representing our country, in order to partake of the decisions that will improve the future of industry as well as consolidate GALí as a market leader within the sector.

The quality department is another of our keys where we daily improve our machinery and State of-the-art-technology.

We constantly invest in ways to improve control quality and thus to overcome the stringent regulations imposed such as ISO 9001 / ATEX Quality Assurance Notification and work with certifications from leading companies in their sectors as GL / BV / DNV / LLR / JG.

In the after-sales service GALí, we focus on the service and personal attention to our clients, qualified personnel, and control systems to ensure the quality and speed of service. In addition, we offer customized training courses to our customers to assure a complete service.

In the production process we have opted for new facilities, exclusively tailored to decrease production time and increase the quality of our products.

For all this we have qualified and highly experienced personnel in continuous training.

Finally, GALí prides itself on having a wide sales network through a team of people willing to serve our customers and listening to their needs anywhere in the world.

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