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Air shut off valves

Air shut off valves

  • Special guillotine – design
  • Extremely fast closing process
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Very compact design
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to 230°C
Válvula corte admisión de aire

Main Features

The hydrocarbons which are potentially present in the atmosphere can become a real problem when attempting to make a controlled stop of an internal combustion engine.

These hydrocarbons may be sucked in by the engine air intake system producing acceleration and loss of speed control with the subsequent risk of explosion or deflagration. The ordinary stopping methods (for example, shutting of the fuel flow) may be quite useless, leaving the engine running without any possibility of stopping.

The GALI valve allows the automatic closing of the engine’s air intake, increasing safety in places such as offshore oil platforms, engine rooms on-board ships and on land, and petrochemical refineries and plants.

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?Shut off valve

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