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Engine turning mechanism

Engine turning mechanism

  • For engine build up and service work
  • Its self-locking device guarantee to operate in?a safe way
  • Designed?to slowly rotate the engine crankshaft
  • Driven by electric?or?pneumatic?drivers?are?able to turn?big?engines

Main Features


Our engine turning mechanism has been designed to slowly rotate the engine crankshaft (left /right) and to lock it in any needed position.

Engine manufacturers, at the end of the new engine assembly stage and marine operators during alignment and maintenance works, need to slow turn the engine crankshaft to into a precisely position. The Gali turning mechanism allows to carry out these jobs in the most accurate and safe way (self-locking device).

This tool is generally mounted on the engine flywheel housing by means of an SAE flange, but also can be attached to the engine with a separate bracket in the case of temporary installation.

The turning device consists of two main components, the main gear body and the driving unit.

The main gear body features a gear that drives a sliding axis supporting a pinion to engage manually into the flywheel. The drive unit, with the worm gear allows a high reduction (39:1 and 62:1) features a shaft end to which the drive torque is applied.

It can be driven by pneumatic or electric drives, and thanks to its high reduction ratio, it is possible also to turn engines of quite large dimension by hand.


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