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Air starter ATEX-IECEX

Air starter ATEX-IECEX

We supply all our air starters in explosion-proof version to ensure a safe starting for all engines running in hazardous environments.

We have the expertise to provide complete starting solutions for diesel and gas engines; we also offer explosion proof protection for industrial vehicles in compliance with European ATEX regulations. Our extensive knowledge of both markets and products has enabled us to develop the best technical ATEX starters available on the market.

All of our starters are certified according the ATEX 94/9/EC and IECEx directives. We have in-house testing facilities to ensure top quality throughout all steps of our manufacturing process.

? Our air starters are pre-engaged starters.

? The solenoid valves used for air starters are explosion proof and ATEX certified.

? We install non-sparking pinions made of special stainless steel to eliminate potential sparks.

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Technical data

Pneumatic starters ATEX-IECEX technical drawing
Pneumatic starters ATEX-IECEX measures table
Pneumatic starters ATEX-IECEX technical sheet


Declaration CE of conformity for pneumatic starters ATEX-IECEX
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